Lanyard was originally created by us for our community event AWS Community Day. It became popular in the community because of ease of use and well thought-out inteface. Quickly other communities wanted to use this app & we helped them get up and running. This made us think there may be many more organizers who woould love to use something like Lanyard & hence we decided to open-source the project

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Time Aware

When you open the app, it always displays what's currently happening based on time, right in your face, no scrolling through endless agenda table

Make Your Own Schedule

Let's users to make their own schedule for mult-track events and accordingly highlights the scheduled track at that time.

Talk Level Feedback

We all know that feedback at the end of the event is broken and very less useful. Lanyard allows attendees give feedback for the talk right after it is finished, collecting the feedback when the talk is still fresh in the head.

Progressive Web App (PWA)

No App Stores, No installation, just load the URL and tap "Add to Home Screen", use it for the event & remove it later.

Works offline!

Having a decent network connectivity at the event is always a challenge. Lanyard takes advantage of local storage & once it's loaded, it can completely work offline (except for submitting feedback).

Kiosk Mode

As an organiser if you want to display agenda on a vertically mounted display, you could use Kiosk mode of Lanyard. Just like the normal version, it is time-aware and will always display currently running talk, it's plug & play! Kiosk mode also sports a QR code for people to scan and get this on their phone.



Here are few screens of Lanyard App. Visit our github page and dive in deep.

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